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The URSA II Universal Radiation Spectrum Analyzer, with a full-featured MCA program, can be used with practically any radiation detector and can extract any data your detector can supply! It has been designed taking into account comments and requests from our current URSA customers. URSA-II MCA, the all-new fully, quantitative Windows™ based URSA-II software package has been designed for ease of use in a 32-bit Windows™ environment. Software also includes URSA-II for PPC software to run the URSA-II using a Windows Mobile™ Device (Jornada, iPAQ, TDS Recon, etc.) running WindowsCE™ or Windows Mobile™. The Software can be installed on as many computers as you like, with no restrictions and includes free software updates.

URSA II / How are the Course Gain and Fine Gain calculated for the Overall Gain on the URSA II and MCA Software?

Overall Gain = Coarse Gain x Fine Gain

URSA II / Will the URSA-II work with a PDA?

The URSA II MCA software for the PPC is compatible with the following operating systems: WinCE 3.0, Windows CE 2002, Windows Mobile and Windows Mobile 2003. Any PPC should do as long as it has an RS232 serial connector. A 9-pin DB9 null modem adapter plus gender bender will also be needed if there isn't a standard DB9 on the PPC. Many PPCs also come with a slot available for expansion packs or PCMCIA cards where a serial port can be added.

URSA II / I have connected the URSA-II to the Pocket PC, but I'm not able to collect spectra when launching the software

The Pocket PC must have a hardware serial port and that port address must be COM 1.

URSA II / I can't seem to collect any spectra from my PPC with the URSA-II MCA Software, but it was working fine before I closed the program.

Figure 1

If you have already ran the PPC version of the URSA MCA Software, then you need to makesure that you "exit" the program. This does not include tapping the "X" in the upper right hand corner of the screen. On a Pocket PC, the "X" button often does not actually close the program that is running, but rather minimizes it. This means that if you tried to close the MCA application with the "X", it's not actually closed, but running in the background so when you try to open up the MCA software, the serial port is already dedicated to MCA Software running in the background. To close the application (or any PPC application running in the background), go to start > settings (see figure 1.)

Figure 2

Then, after the settings window has opened, you will notice a series of tabs at the bottom of the window. Tap on the "System" tab and click the "Memory" icon (see figure 2.).

When the memory window opens, tap on the "Running Programs" tab on the bottom of the memory window (see figure 3.). You will then see a list of the application currently running in the background. Click on the "URSA-II PPC" under the list of Running Programs and tap "Stop". Now that you have stopped the MCA from running in the background,

Figure 3

you can launch the program from the start menu and the serial port should now be available for collecting spectra from the URSA-II MCA. To prevent this from happening in the future, select "Exit" form the file menu in the URSA-II MCA Software while it is running to close it properly.

URSA II / What are the different connectors on the URSA-II?

A "C" connector is for probes with the high voltage and the signal on the same cable, much like the RAP Probes. Some probes have separate cable for each, so the URSA-II also comes with an MHV and BNC connector. A MHV Connector for the High Voltage and the BNC Connector for the pulse.

URSA II / When I launch the MCA software, I get an "access violation" error and/or a "list index out of bounds" error.

This is the point at which the MCA software should be asking you for your probe settings or to run in "Offline Mode" (Offline mode is a way of running the software without the URSA-II for analyzing existing spectra that you've already collected). This is due to lack of windows privilages for the username with which you have logging in to your computer. To solve this problem, try logging in as "Administrator" or as a user with administrative privileges.

URSA II / What is the pin assignment on the URA-II Din Connector and dongle?

URSA-II Din Connector