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    Android® Based Multi-Channel Radiation Spectrum Analyzer for fast results in the field.

GammaSight / Coming Soon: Pocket-Sized Radiation Detector and Multi-Channel Analyzer

GammaSight GammaSight™ is a rugged, pocket-sized radiation detector and multi-channel analyzer that utilizes an Android operating system for user interface, data storage, and transmission. The small, lightweight GammaSight™ detector provides radionuclide identification and spectrum analysis in a very portable package. The detector module works with users’ standard Android smartphones and tablets via wireless Bluetooth connectivity for visual display of measurement results, map overlay, text messaging, data storage, and follow-up analysis. This approach allows for the development of customized applications to address specialized needs.

Detector Options

20x20x20 mm cube LaBr3(Ce) or 1 inch RCC LaBr3(Ce)
Auto gain stabilization feature
Nominal resolution <4% FWHM (Cs-137) for LaBr3(Ce)
Photon Energy Range: nominal 25keV to 2.5MeV


Gamma spectral analysis with 512 multi-channel analyzer
Spectral data file consistent with ANSI N42.48 standard
Built-in libraries for gamma spectral analysis, consistent with ANSI N42.42
  • NORM, Medical, Industrial, SNM categories
  • Ability to build user defined libraries for special applications (e.g., power reactor, D & D remediation)
    Quantitative in-field sample analysis using defined source geometries with optional sample jig

Power and Mechanical

Powered by four standard, user-replaceable AA batteries with 12+ hour battery life
USB External power adapter for extended operational life and continuous use during battery change-out


Operating temperature: -20° C to 50° C
RF, magnetic, vibration, drop resistant
Water resistant enclosure, rated IP 65
ANSI N42.48 Drop tested enclosure.


Carrying case for hands-free operation


Base PC support software for data evaluation, mapping, spectral analysis, tracking/trending, reporting
Jig for Sample Analysis with Fixed Geometries

Screen CapturesOutputs

Bluetooth Wireless

Temperature Range



1.2 lbs (19.2 oz) with Boot
0.8 lbs (12.8 oz) without Boot


107.4 x 172 x 53.98 mm (4.23 x 6.77 x 2.125 in.).


Ruggedized Boot, GammaSight Software for Android, and Instrument Calibration

Operation Manuals (PDF) English Spanish French | Quick Specs | Responder Knowledge Base |

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Does the GammaSight record readings to memory even when it's not onnected to my Android deveice?

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Can I power the detector with just the USB and without a battery?

Yes. The unit will run with a standard miniUSB plug and AC adapter.

How many data points can be stored in the internal memory of the GammaSight?

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With which versions of the Android operating system does the Gammasight App work best?

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How do I add additional GammaSight units to my Android device?

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How many hours of battery life can I get out of the four AA batteries with the GammaSight?

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