Observer USB Software Video Operation Manual

This is a quick start guide to get you going with the use of the Radiation Alert® Observer USB Software. The software was designed to work with your digital radiation detector. The following Survey Meter and Geiger Counter models are compatible:


  • SEI Inspector USB
  • SEI Inspector EXP USB
  • Digilert 200

The New Observer USB is a free version of the Observer software that runs on Windows®. It can be used with The Ranger, The Ranger EXP, The Monitor 200, & The Monitor 1000EC Radiation Detectors. The Observer USB reads in Counts, CPM, and CPS, as well as µR/hr, mR/hr, and µSv/hr and has the ability to collect, log, and perform statistical analysis on the data received.

2 thoughts on “Observer USB Software Video Operation Manual

  1. Think you for bringing this G-M technology to a lange portion of the masses with low cost hardware. In thin vein do you supply Linux based, open source software to compliment your instrument line?
    Also. until relatively recently scintillation caliber survey & lab meters were based on expensive sodium iodide crystals. When will you be offering such instrumentation based on much lower cost polymer based detectors?

    • Hi Greg,

      We only provide the Windows version right now. In development with an iOS version though. As for the plastic scintillators, we haven’t had a product that would incorporate them.

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