Observer BLE - Adding Bluetooth for Mobile Radiation Survey Automation

Posted on March 13, 2018

||Timed Count Screen on Observer BLE|Readings Screen on Observer BLE


Now with Bluetooth BLE!! Expanding further upon the capabilities of The Radiation Alert® Line of detection products of The Ranger, Ranger EXP, Monitor 200, and Monitor 1000EC  S.E International is now introducing the Observer BLE app for phones, tablets, and computers.

After downloading the app, users can:

  • Conduct discrete searches for radioactive materials.
  • Automate your survey and reporting process.
  • Easily share your collected data with personnel and managers via text and email.
  • Add GPS location to your readings.
  • Send alarm conditions via text message.
  • App is RadResponder Ready

All of these features at your fingertips with the included Observer BLE App available in the Google Play Store. (iOS coming soon at The Apple Store)



Originally developed for continuous streaming data applications, Bluetooth allows the simple and secure exchange of data at short range without the need for wires.

Bluetooth LE, also known as Bluetooth 4.0, BLE and Bluetooth Smart, uses less battery power and provides higher data speeds than previous versions of Bluetooth. Like previous versions of Bluetooth, BLE operates in the 2.4 GHz band, but remains in sleep mode except for when a connection is initiated, making it much more energy efficient. Most smartphones and tablets built after 2011 have BLE or later, with nearly 4 billion Bluetooth enabled devices will ship this year alone.

Turning on your phone or tablet’s Bluetooth is always a little different depending on which device you are using, so you’ll need to check your device’s manual. However, Bluetooth is generally one of the first things you’ll see in the settings menu under wireless.

If you purchased a Radiation Alert® Handheld prior to the addition of Bluetooth, you can have the unit upgraded. We understand that there are a number of Rangers, Ranger EXPs, and Monitor 200s already in the field that don’t have Bluetooth already built-in. However, your detector can be upgraded at our facility for the low cost of $50.00US. Please contact our sales department for details.


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