Radiation Alert® Accessories

Accessories For Radiation Detection Instruments

Expand your radiation detection instruments with Radiation Alert® accessories.

Radiation Alert® Carrying Cases

Carrying cases are included with Ranger Family, Monitor 200, and Monitor 1000EC , Monitor 4 Family models, Frisker  and URSA-II. Carrying Cases are available in the event that your case has become lost or damaged. All of our carrying cases are equipped with belt clip or belt loop.

Protective Water-Resistant case

For the Radiation Alert® Ranger, Monitor 200, and Monitor 1000EC. Many industrial and first responder environments are wet and dusty.  This protective water-resistant case gives professionals the splash-proof water resistance they need to keep their instruments safe in the worst environmental conditions, while still allowing gamma detection. It carries a IP6X rating for total protection from dust ingress and IPX5 for low-pressure water protection.

Tactical Carry Case

Tactical Carrying Case …

Radiation Alert® Wipe Test Plates

The Radiation Alert® Wipe Test Plates are a swipe sample holder accessory for the Ranger radiation survey meters. The stainless steel radiation Wipe Test Plate slides easily onto the back of the unit, positioning the depression and wipe directly in front of the GM tube window at a fixed distance of 1 centimeter. The Wipe Test Plate is removable for general surveying. (patent#5,936,246) Many customers using the Ranger Wipe Test Plate also use it as a Beta Shield for the 2-inch GM detector. (patent#…

Test Swipes

Specification Of Test Swipes …

Dosi-Lite Pen Dosimeter Light

Dosi-Lite Pen Dosimeter Light / See Your Readings More Easily …

Radiation Alert® Detector Stands

Specification Of Detector Stands …

Radiation Alert® Xtreme Boot

Included with the purchase of a Ranger, Ranger EXP, Monitor 200, Monitor 1000EC, GammaView, and Frisker, the Xtreme boot offers maximum performance in a lightweight rugged solution for using Radiation Alert® products in the field. …

Replacement Probes

We offer a variety replacement probes for our Radiation Alert® instruments. SE International can help you find just the right probe for your application. Below are the specifications for the most common detectors that we offer. Custom Probe Options Available. Tell us about your application and we can recommend the best probe options for your needs.

RAD-60 – ADR-1 Configuration Kit

ADR-1 Configuration Kit – Connects to any PC with a serial port using Windows 95 or greater– Allows the User to Change Dosimeter Settings– Enables the User to Perform Calibration (with applicable source)– Users can Assign a User ID and Name The Configuration Window displays the configuration information of the dosimeter. You can change the configuration to meet the users requirements by choosing the options you want to include in the dosimeter.  

Check Source

Check sources are 0.25uCi up to 1uCi. Please contact us for pricing and availability