FDIC International – April 23-28, 2018

S.E. International, Inc.
FDIC Booth 5568

April 23 – 28, 2018 // INDIANAPOLIS, IN

Since 1979, S.E. International, Inc., has been a leading manufacturer of ionizing radiation detection instruments under the Radiation Alert® product line. We design, develop, and manufacture instruments for emergency response, security, environmental, laboratory, health physics, industrial hygiene, and educational industries. Together, with our strong network of domestic and international distributors, we are dedicated to our customers and promise to help you find the appropriate instrument for your needs.

Our diverse product line includes handheld instruments for surface and air contamination, including general purpose survey meters, friskers, and dosimeters. We offer area monitors, multi-channel analyzers, and a portable laboratory, for the detection and identification of radiation in soil, food, liquid, etc. All of our software, along with all updates, is included for free with the purchase of a Radiation Alert® instrument. Our most recent developments; the Radiation Alert® Ranger, the Radiation Alert® Monitor 200, and the Radiation Alert® Area Monitor.

Our success began with the Monitor 4, a simple but reliable general-purpose survey meter. Our intention was to provide an affordable instrument to the medical industry. Personnel safety was at the forefront of this development.  We sold thousands of the Monitor 4s’ to a wide variety of industries establishing us as one of the leading radiation detection instrument manufacturers.

We witnessed two nuclear disasters, Chernobyl and Fukashima, which turned our protection focus not only to facility personnel, but also to the general public. First responders now use radiation detection devices to do just that. With the ever changing world and the many crisis presented to us, radiation protection is on the front line. Know your scene is safe, know your limits are safe, and know the public is safe.

Over the Years, we have established a company reputation of honesty and innovation and products that are known for quality and reliability. We’ve partnered with numerous companies and received recognition in the state of Tennessee for our international sales efforts and unparalleled support.

 S.E. International, Inc. has a strong sense of community and has provided development grants, as well as donations to local groups and non-profits, to help strengthen regional initiatives. By supporting all of these projects, S.E. International, Inc. hopes to inspire other companies to look for creative ways to improve, support, and cooperate with their local communities.

SEI can be found in a wide variety of industry magazines, trade shows, and web-based buyers’ guides, and, of course, on-line.  We strive to provide great instrumentation at a cost that will fit most budgets.  Stop by booth 5568 to find out more about S.E. International, Inc. and the Radiation Alert® product line, or visit our website at www.seintl.com or call 1.800.293.5759.

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