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The GammaPAL is your all-in-one sampling kit for radiation safety, the ideal instrument for detecting contamination in food, soil, and water. A portable laboratory containing all the items you need for sampling in the field or from a stationary base of operations. The GammaPAL is a complete measuring system for analyzing radiation contamination in milk, meat, fish, grain, fruit, and vegetables, as well as in air swipes, soil samples, and other materials.

Includes: Ranger survey meter with wipe test plate and swipes for preliminary testing, a rugged Nomad Pocket PC with bar code scanner for easily labeling samples, tools for sample collection, and screw top marinelli beakers for sample storage.

Our GM based detectors are ideal for a number of applications, ranging from surface contamination and sampling to personal and environmental monitoring. For detecting contamination in food, soil, and water and to accurately quantify and qualify the results, you need a scintillation detector. Many scintillation devices with this capacity cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. The GammaPAL can provide these capabilities for much less.

Radiation Alert GammaPAL / Why are there two different times on the LLD graph on the GammaPAL page?

The Japanese standards are based on the Critical Detection limits (50% confidence level) and are able to be reasonably achieved based on a 600 sec background sampling time.

The Standard MDA limits (95% confidence level) need the longer 900 sec time to achieve reasonable results.

Radiation Alert GammaPAL / What are the different types of swipes available in the GammaPAL?

There are two types of swipes that are for use with the GammaPAL; Air swipes and Wipes for surfaces.

The GammaPAL includes wipes for surface testing and are able to be used with The Ranger and Wipe Test Plate (included with The GammaPAL) for quantification or for use with the GammaPAL sampling matrix for qualification and identification.

Additional Test Swipes Available

Air Swipes are commonly found in an air pump line and are not included in The GammaPAL. They are a typically a small filter that collects the contents of the air passing through it. Most air filters will be able to determine the flow rate. So, for example, you can take a 1 liter sample of air with a fair degree of precision and use the filter to detect potential contaminants in the air via the filter based on a known volume.

Radiation Alert GammaPAL / Is the GammaPAL able to detect Plutonium?

Plutonium emits an energy below 14 KeV. However, when searching for plutonium, the common practice is to look for the Americium 241 present (59.5 KeV) that is always present with plutonium. The EPA has guidelines on calculating the ratios between the two isotopes.