Public Safety

Public Safety

Just because you don’t work around radiation, doesn’t mean it’s not there. 

With the possibility of exposure to radiation from naturally-occurring, industrial, and medical environments, it’s important to protect yourself. Our instruments are available to the public at large and have been a cornerstone of community reporting for decades. The Radiation Alert® line offers an assortment of instruments to protect and monitor our local environment and the people living in them.

Radiation Alert Ranger®

Radiation Alert Ranger …

Monitor 200

Monitor 200 …

GammaView Scintillation Detector

Radiation Alert GammaView …

Monitor 4

Monitor 4 - Analog Radiation Detectors …

Protective Water-Resistant case

For the Radiation Alert® Ranger, Monitor 200, and Monitor 1000EC. Many industrial and first responder environments are wet and dusty.  This protective water-resistant case gives professionals the splash-proof water resistance they need to keep their instruments safe in the worst environmental conditions, while still allowing gamma detection. It carries a IP6X rating for total protection from dust ingress and IPX5 for low-pressure water protection.

Tactical Carry Case

Tactical Carrying Case …

Dosi-Lite Pen Dosimeter Light

Dosi-Lite Pen Dosimeter Light / See Your Readings More Easily …

Check Source

Check sources are 0.25uCi up to 1uCi. Please contact us for pricing and availability