The Ranger can be used for various applications involving NORM to monitor and assess radiation levels. Some of the common applications where The Ranger used in the NORM industry include:

  1. Oil and Gas Industry:

    • Well Logging: Ranger can be used to measure radiation levels during oil and gas exploration.
    • NORM Contamination: The Ranger is used to detect NORM contamination in oil and gas production equipment, pipelines, and associated facilities.
  2. Mining and Mineral Processing:

    • Ore Analysis: The Ranger can be used to assess the radioactivity of ore samples.
    • Environmental Monitoring: The Ranger is used to monitor and assess the release of NORM into the environment during mining and mineral processing activities.
  3. Building and Construction:

    • Assessment of Building Materials: The Ranger can be used to check building materials like concrete, bricks, and tiles for potential NORM contamination.
  4. Scrap Metal and Recycling:

    • The Ranger is used to screen scrap metal and other recyclable materials for NORM contamination. This is essential to prevent the spread of radioactive materials through recycling processes.
  5. Transportation and Shipping:

    • The Ranger can be used for screening materials and cargo at ports and transportation hubs to identify any NORM-contaminated shipments.
  6. Environmental Cleanup:

    • During environmental remediation projects, the Ranger can help monitor and assess the presence of NORM in soil, sediment, or water, as well as in the waste generated during cleanup.
  7. Radiological Safety:

    • The Ranger is used for general radiological safety assessments in industries and areas where NORM is present.

It's important to note that while GM detectors are valuable for detecting radiation, they may not provide detailed information about the specific radionuclides involved in NORM contamination.