Radiation Alert® Carrying Cases

Ranger, Ranger EXP, Monitor 200, and Monitor 4 Carrying Cases

Carrying cases are included with Ranger Family, Monitor 200, and Monitor 1000EC , and Monitor 4 Family models of Radiation Alert® Detectors. In addition, the URSA-II, Nomad, and Recon Carrying Cases are also available in the event that your case has become lost or damaged. All of our carrying cases are equipped with belt clip or belt loop.

RAD-60 Carrying Cases

Rad-60 carrying cases are designed exclusively for use with the Rados brand 5X & 6X Series electronic dosimeters. The protective case helps to realize substantial savings on clip replacement and dosimeter repairs. Experience less down time for your in-house inventory all with a unique design that allows for the secure use on a lanyard, belt or other device. Carrying cases are equipped with a belt loop or belt clip.