Radiation Alert® Rad Response Kits

radiation response kitThe Radiation Alert® Response Kits are customizable response kits that can be configured to fit the needs of your response team. It includes a hard shell, watertight case with a shock absorbent foam interior for safe storage and transportation of a variety of 1st responder instruments. Whether you’re a 1st Responder, HAZMAT crew, or a checkpoint monitor, the radiation response kits can provide you with a strong and compact response kit to fulfill your needs.

Digital Radiation Response Kits

Items may include Geiger counters, such as, Ranger USB or Ranger EXP, RAD60 electronic alarming dosimeter, URSA-II (Universal Radiation Spectrum Analyzer)

Analog Radiation Response Kits

Items may include Geiger counters, such as, Monitor 4 or 4EC, PEN Dosimeter, and Dosimeter Charger.

Nuclide Identification Response Kits

Items may include URSA-II (Universal Radiation Spectrum Analyzer), Scintillation Probe, TDS Recon Ruggedized PDA and Check Sources

GammaPAL – Portable Radiation Food, Soil, And Liquid Laboratory

Includes: URSA-II Multi Channel Analyzer w/ GammaPAL Software | One 2X2 Nal Detector w/ C-C cable | TDS Nomad 900LE w/ Bar Code Scanner and Serial Boot | Carries 10 Empty Screw Top Marinelli Beakers | Lead Marinelli Shield Case | 1 Marinelli with K40 reference standard | 5000g Tempered Digital Scale | Sieve for Sample Collection | Small Hand Shovel | iM3075 StormCase w Wheels | Ranger Survey Meter w/ Wipe Test Plate | Swipes |