Radiation Detector Calibration & Service

Our radiation detector calibration service offers a calibration reminder service, industry leading support, and speedy turn around times. We recommend your instrument be calibrated annually from the date it was placed in service. However, certain industries or applications may require them more frequently.

Calibrations on new instruments are $60US. If you want a NIST radiation detector calibration on your new Radiation Alert® detector, please be sure to mention it when ordering to get the discounted rate.

Annual calibrations are $86.51, which includes TN sales tax and new battery. Shipping charges are additional. Any necessary replacement parts under $30US used to insure proper calibration will be replaced automatically and charged to your invoice to insure proper calibration.

Calibration Reminder

Customers can sign up for our Free Calibration Reminder Service. After signing up, SEI will send you a reminder notice of an upcoming calibration date one month prior to the due date. This service is offered free of charge by filling out the notification form here.

Customers can specify their own specified intervals, such as one year, 6 months, etc. Upon receiving a calibration, you are automatically entered into the calibration reminder renewal service and will get a notice in 11 months, unless instructed otherwise.

How to Calibrate

Download the Calibration Request Form.

Fill out the form completely and include it with the instrument. Be sure to include contact, shipping and payment information.

Ship unit(s) and Request Form to:

S.E. International, Inc.
436 Farm Road, P.O. BOX 39
Summertown, TN 38483 USA

Customers do not require an RMA number. If you would like one, please call us at 931.964.3561.

Do Not Send Contaminated Instruments.


Unit Operational Analysis

NIST traceable Calibration Certificate with all applicable data.

Calibrated using a Cs137 (662keV) beam calibrator.

Conforms to ANSI/NSC SLZ540.1.1994 and ANSI N323-1978.

ANSI Z540.3.2006 upon request

Traceable to NIST DG8640/87

Calibration Reminder Service

New Batteries


In the rare case that your instrument is in need of repair, we are here to help.

Please contact our technical support department to evaluate your detector to determine if a repair is needed.

Our calibration and repair specialists are ready to assist you.

If you have any other questions about our Calibration Service, please call us at 931.964.3561 or email us.