ACS Express Software – Rad-60 Dosimeter Software

ACS Express is state of the art software for keeping accurate dose records during an event. It provides a Windows-based Access Control System providing logging and personnel control for restricted area entries and exits. Designed exclusively for use by Emergency Responders. Load the software on a laptop, hook up an ADR-1 Reader and your ready to implement the system in minutes. The software provides dose records and ingress/egress controls to track personnel in radiation areas.

The MJW ACS Express system provides for log-in/log-out of personnel using an identification bar-code. RWP capabilities, personnel records, and other various administrative modules are provided to facilitate this function, as described below. The ACS Express system is fully functional, comprehensive, flexible and robust. In addition, ACS Express is a multi-threaded application that is immediately responsive to user and hardware events. The software design and implementation provides varying hardware configurations and site-specific requirements/specifications without the need for changes to the program code. Users can easily customize each workstation. Software utilities enable the administrator to select key settings based on customer policies and the hardware in use at the workstation. Data entry at the login workstation can be via numeric keypad, bar code scanner, or magnetic strip reader.

ACS Express is provided with a Microsoft SQL Server™ database that runs within the Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE™). The ACS Express works on a single workstation.  However, the ACS Enterprise  provides users a networked version. Interfacing to the database is performed utilizing Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) drivers. Transaction processing protects all interactions with the database, ensuring the integrity of the data in the database.