Radiation Alert® Observer BLE App

The New Observer BLE is a free Bluetooth app that runs on AndroidOS. It can be used with the Ranger, the Ranger EXP, the Monitor 200, and the Monitor 1000EC Radiation Detectors. The Observer BLE can record readings, take timed counts, track coordinates, and save, send, and share your surveys for easy reporting with your Radiation Alert® detector. Users can perform discrete surveys with their smartphone or automate much of generating compliance reports. Unlock your digital radiation detector with the new Observer BLE app from Radiation Alert®.

Download the Observer BLE for Android OS from the Google Play Store



Observer BLE Features

Record Readings

Take Timed Counts

Track Coordinates

Save, Send, and Share Surveys



Sample Count Data


Date of Count Time of Count Unit SN# Counts Time of Count Timed Count Title Timed Count Notes
5/1/2018 14:15:49 307150 25 60 sec PET Counter Spill Reported. Clear.
5/1/2018 14:27:49 307150 162 300 sec Swipe of Area None Found.
5/1/2018 14:39:11 307150 42 60 sec sample count 3 report of spill
5/1/2018 14:39:51 307150 42 60 sec sample count 4 report of spill. cleaned.




Sample Readings Data


Date of the Readings Time of the Readings Unit Serial Number Unit Unit of Measure Sample Name Sample Notes
5/1/2018 14:12:00 307150 10 uR/h Observer BLE 1 Room 302
5/1/2018 14:12:04 307150 8 uR/h Observer BLE 2 Equipment
5/1/2018 14:12:12 307150 8 uR/h Observer BLE 3 Shipping Surface
5/1/2018 14:12:29 307150 6 uR/h Observer BLE 4 Package 1