Alpha, Beta, Gamma, X-Ray Radiation Detectors

Our Radiation Alert® Radiation Detection Instruments are designed to measure ionizing radiation, such as alpha, beta, gamma, and X-ray. Here a S.E. International, Inc., quality is a top priority and we ensure that our customers get the service and support they need.  Our staff is committed to innovation, our customers, and excellence in radiation detection.  If you’re unsure which detector is best for your application, give us a call. We’re standing by to assist are dedicated to helping you find the appropriate instrument for your radiation detection needs. Thank you for your interest in our Radiation Alert® instrumentation and we look forward to serving you!

Alpha, Beta, Gamma, X-Ray Detectors

These radiation detectors detect both gamma and X-ray radiation, as well as alpha and beta particles. These Geiger Counters are generally considered the best “all-purpose” radiation meters. The Radiation Alert® Ranger, Ranger EXP, and Frisker all have a two inch end window detector for the highest sensitivity of the bunch. The Monitor 200, Monitor 4 and Monitor 4EC have smaller end windows, but still detect alpha and beta. The Monitor 200 and Monitor 4 both use the ever popular “hot dog tube” and the Monitor 4EC adds an energy compensated GM to round out the line. Great for test swipes, checking industrial gauges, and surface contamination, and x-ray shielding leaks.

Gamma & X-Ray Detectors

When alpha and beta detection aren’t needed, these gamma and x-ray detectors will offer a more rugged option. These Geiger Counters are compact handhelds that provide the best solution for your gamma radiation detection needs. Analog and digital versions available. Great for X-ray chamber inspection, XRF device monitoring, and accelerator & x-ray shielding for leakage.

Radiation Dosimeters

Radiation dosimeters are primarily gamma and x-ray radiation detectors that are worn for personal protection. These devices collect dose and exposure either by digital or analog means. This enables workers to track their radiation doses while in the facility or out in the field.

Gamma Scintillation Detectors

Gamma scintillation detectors are commonly used for radiation spectrum collection and analysis. However, the are also great for low level radiation monitoring. They are highly sensitive detectors that provide great resolution for identification. When coupled with an area monitor, environmental radiation levels can be monitored, often times below required regulations.