Radiation Dosimeter Comparison

Do I need an electronic dosimeter? Analog dosimeter? What is the best type of radiation dosimeter for my application? It is important to choose the correct nuclear radiation dosimeter if you’re on the job around potential exposure. The following chart will help you decide on the best one for your application. Customers can contact us if further consultation is needed. We’re always happy to assist.

The Pen Dosimeter is a nuclear radiation dosimeter with a gas filled chamber. A small meter filament inside the unit tracks your dose. No batteries are needed. Simply look through the pen to see your dose, much like a telescope. The Sentry EC is an energy compensated GM based dosimeter and rate meter. It had internal memory, USB, and is the most rugged of our line up. The solid aluminum enclosure comes with the belt clip attached. The RAD-60 is a pager style dosimeter with an LCD readout and Si diode based detector.

Detector Ion Chamber Energy Compensated GM Tube Energy compensated Si-Diode
Programmable Alert      
Internal Memory   
Batteries Required     
Onboard Display      
Companion Software      
Operating Range

Scale increments of 10mR


Scale increments of 20mR


increments of 100 mR


increments of 200mR


increments of 1R


increments of .1mSv


increments of .2mSv
National Stock Numbers Available


0.1 mR – 65 R
1 µSv – .65 Sv

Dose Rate

0.1 mR/hr – 15 R/hr
1 µSv/hr – .15 Sv/hr


1 uSv – 9.99 Sv or
0.1 mrem – 999 rem

Dose Rate

5 uSv/h – 3 Sv/h or
0.5 mrem/h – 300 rem/h

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