How do I set the alert on the SEI Inspector?

The Alert can be set in mR/hr or CPM. When using Utility Menu option #2 to switch units of measurements, the alert is reset to the default alert level of .1 mR/hr (1.0 mS/hr). Once the alert threshold is reached the beeper will sound until the alert is deactivated, or the radiation level drops below the set alert threshold.

1. To set the Alert, press the “SET” button on the end panel. The “ALERT” icon (radiation symbol) and the “SET” icon are displayed.

2. Use the “+” and “-” buttons to adjust the display to the desired level.

3. Press the “Set” button once to retain the setting in memory. Then press it again to turn the alert mode on. The “ALERT” icon is now displayed to indicate the instrument is operating in the Alert mode.

4. To use the previous alert setting, press the set button twice. Now the alert mode is on.

5. To deactivate the Alert

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