How much internal memory does the Ranger, Ranger EXP, Monitor 200 have on-board?

Each model has 5452 data points available in the on-board memory.

This means, for example, that you can record 3.79 days worth of data if you have chosen to record data in 1 minute intervals. To break it down, 1 save per minute is 60 saves per hour. 60 saves over a 24 hour period is 1440 saves. 5452 divided by 1440 is 3.7 days.

If you would like to record readings for a longer period of time, then change the unit to record less frequently. For example, changing the data logging frequency to every 10 minutes will give you 37 days worth of readings. 1 save per every 10 minutes is 6 saves per hour. 6*24=144 saves. 5452 divided by 144=37 days.

The on-board memory records the time and date with each reading. In addition, the data reflects the total counts collected during the chosen time interval, the highest and lowest rate in that time frame and the second in which each happened during the selected time internal. This means that if you selected to record data every 5 minutes, you will see the data during that 5 minute interval.

Here’s an example:

Date Time Total (Counts) Interval (Minutes) Highest (cpm) Hi Time (seconds) Lowest (cpm) Lo Time (seconds)
1/2/2014 17:21 163 5 48 103 18 10

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