I am trying to use the Observer Software (Gateman Version) with the Gateman, but I’m not receiving any counts from the unit on my computer. How do I set it up?

The Observer Software (Gateman Version) works with the RS-232 jack on the end panel of the instrument (to the left of the data out jack). The Gateman must be in “Terminal Mode” for the instrument to send data. You can turn on “Terminal Mode” in the Gateman menu. Normally, the Observer Software uses the pulses that are received by the unit to display the counts. However, in the Gateman Version of the Observer Software, it uses the ASCII data from the unit to display the counts. You can not use the data out jack on the Gateman with the Observer Software, you must use the DB9 / RS232 port. If you are still unable to receive counts, use a null modem adapter or cable in place of the DB9 cable.

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