What are the pre-programmed efficiencies in the Radiation Alert Ranger Models?

Note: Please be aware that the Ranger does not identify isotopes. It quantifies, not qualifies. However, if you know the isotope that you are surveying, you can use the pre-programmed efficiencies to calculate the activity in Becquerels and Disintegrations Per Minute. You can program your own efficiency into the unit for your own customized application.

Radiation Alert Ranger Model Efficiencies (Counts Per Disintegration) :

Sulfur (35S): 0.0317
Strontium (90Sr/y): 0.2274
Cesium (137Cs): 0.2078
Phosphorus (32P): 0.2200
Carbon (14C): 0.0291
Iodine (131I): 0.0600
Cobalt (60Co): 0.1400
Alpha: 0.0420

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