Why does it take so long to get an accurate reading during a survey?

Our digital models of radiation detectors ship with the Auto-Averaging set by default, which can be changed to a 3 second fast response.


For current Model Radiation Alert® Detectors

1) Press the menu button.

2) Press “Enter” (Auto Averaging is the first in the menu list).

3) Press “+” to active auto-averaging or press “-” to deactivate auto-averaging.


For discontinued Model Radiation Alert® Detectors

1) To activate the Utility Menu, hold down the “+” button while turning the instrument on. The display will show the “MENU” icon. Release the “+” button and a “1” indicating option 1 will appear along with the “Menu” icon.

2) Scroll through the menu by pushing the “+” or “-” buttons.

3) To select an option, push the “Set” button and the “SET” icon is displayed.

4) Use the “+” or “-” buttons to toggle between choices and press the “Set” button to enter the new value. The instrument will continue to operate in the Utility Menu

5) To exit the Utility Menu at any time, press the SET button again. The Inspector+ continues with the normal start-up routine.

Response Times when set to Auto-Averaging:
30 seconds – (<100 CPS)< 6000 CPM or <1.75 mR/hr
6 seconds – (100 -200 CPS) 6000-12,000 CPM or 1.75-3.6 mR/hr
3 seconds fast response – (>200 CPS) >12,000 CPM or >3.6 mR/hr

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