Testimonials / What Our Customers Say

  • Working with S.E. International has been a very pleasant experience. Their technical support and customer services are kind, friendly, and overall most helpful. I talked with them several times to determine the best instrument for my needs. Even though I need to have a radiation detector for my business, I have limited knowledge about radiation. S.E.'s technical staff gave me some good pointer on the operation and referred me to their web page Ionizing Radiation Basics, which gave me more information about radiation in general. Now I feel more comfortable with operating radiation instruments. Thank you so much S.E. International.
    Molly Taylor
  • The SEI Inspector overcomes my perceived shortcomings in small instruments, and in fact, adds an unexpected measure of versatility. The internal workings appeared to be of a well thought out design with a good component density, important for an instrument this size. The circuit board was neat and intelligent and the soldering work was very well done. The SEI Inspector, despite its small size, is a versatile and capable instrument. Overall, I would have no hesitation in recommending this instrument.
    Paul R. Steinmeyer, Health PhysicistRadiation Safety Officer Magazine, March/April 1998
  • After looking for a radiation detector for a while, I finally decided to get the SEI Inspector USB and am glad I did. The instrument works great and is very attractive. I use the instrument for surface contamination and area monitoring. The backlit display has come in handy when surveying indoors in dark places. I wasn't sure that this function would be of much use, but I was mistaken. The other thing I really liked about the instrument was the built-in memory. Even though you have to use the included Observer software to view the reading, it has made recording reading much easier. Over all I am well satisfied with this purchase.
    Catie Rogel