Scintillation detectors are commonly used in various applications involving NORM due to their ability to provide more detailed and specific information about the type and energy of ionizing radiation. Applications include:

  1. Oil and Gas Industry:

    • Well Logging: The GammaView is employed in well-logging tools to measure radioactive isotopes present in soil during oil and gas exploration.
  2. Environmental Monitoring:

    • The GammaView is used in environmental monitoring to identify and quantify NORM contamination in soil, water, air, and sediments.
  3. Emergency Response:

    • The GammaView is used by emergency response teams to assess radiation hazards during incidents involving NORM. It can quickly identify the intensity of radioactive sources, allowing for effective response and mitigation.
  4. Regulatory Compliance:

    • The GammaView is used to ensure compliance with regulatory limits and guidelines for NORM in various industries. They can help determine if NORM levels in a particular setting exceed permissible limits.
  5. Research and Development:

    • The GammaView is a valuable tool in research and development for studying the properties of radioactive materials, including those associated with NORM.
  6. Material Analysis and Sorting:

    • The GammaView can be used in material sorting and recycling facilities to identify and separate NORM-contaminated materials from non-contaminated ones. This is important to prevent the spread of radioactive materials through recycling processes.