Scrap Metal Screening

Radiation Alert Ranger®       
Ranger EXP
Ranger EXP

GM detectors such as the Radiation Alert Ranger® and Ranger EXP are commonly used to detect and measure ionizing radiation in scrap metal.  There are limitations, such as detecting through objects.

Radiation Screening in Scrap Metal Yards: Some metal scrap yards may use radiation detectors to screen incoming metal shipments for any radioactive materials.

Scrap Metal Recycling: Recycling facilities that process scrap metal may use radiation detectors as part of their quality control measures.

Metal and Sorting: where metals are being sorted or analyzed for composition, radiation detectors may be used to identify and segregate materials that exhibit abnormal levels of radiation.


A scintillation detectors, such as the Radiation Alert® GammaView are commonly used in various applications involving scrap Metal.

The GammaView can do everything the GM detectors can do, but also has the ability to detect through objects.