Analog Radiation Detectors

Different Version Of Monitor 4 Analog Radiation Detectors

Numerous industries have put The Monitor 4 Family of analog radiation detectors to the test by decades of use. Radiation Alert® models of analog Geiger counters are an ergonomic, compact alternative to the “lunchbox” style. Great sensitivity, fast response, all in your pocket. Our handheld Geiger counters make spot surveys quicker with audio click and red light response with every count.

Monitor 4 and Monitor 4EC analog Geiger counters detect alpha, beta, gamma, and X-ray. The Monitor 4EC is an energy compensated version, giving a linear response to gamma and X-ray (above 40 keV) radiation through the side wall of the detector.

The MC1K detects gamma and x-ray, offering a linear response with the energy compensated detector. There is no alpha window on the MC1K. When you need an analog high range meter, this is the choice.

Monitor 4

The Radiation Alert® Monitor 4 is a compact, analog radiation detector designed for versatility and reliability. This general-purpose survey meter can detect alpha, beta, gamma, and X-ray radiation across three selectable ranges. With decades of proven performance in the industry, the Monitor 4 has become one of the leading analog radiation detectors available today. Its simple, ergonomic design features a red count light that flashes and an audible beep for each detected count. A quick flick of your…

Monitor 4EC

Monitor 4EC …

Monitor MC1K

The MC1K is an ergonomic handheld survey meter using a built-in energy compensated GM detector. It detects gamma and x-rays up to 1000 mR/hr over 4 selectable ranges. The energy compensated Geiger counter affords the detector a more linear response to gammas and x-rays over the full range. A beep sounds and a count light flashes with each event detected.  …