• Radiation Alert® Pen Dosimeter Charger

    The Radiation Alert Pen Dosimeter Charger can charge any number of pens without the need for batteries. The piezo electric charger keeps your dosimeters ready.

Pen Dosimeter Charger / Charge Without Batteries

Dosimeter Charger The patented, handheld Charger can charge a variety of direct-reading dosimeters by simply squeezing the lever of a generator. The Charger requires no batteries. By pulling a trigger, a dosimeter is easily placed in or removed from the charger. The clamping action holds the dosimeter for you. NSN# 6665-00-856-8813 - CD V-750 Model 6 Charger Quick Specs PDF


15,000 volt piezoelectric generator.

Discharge Bulb

Flashes to indicate the instrument is operational.

Clamping Mechanism

Spring loaded, adjustable and self locking. All metal parts are stainless steel.

Temperature Range

Operating: -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F).

Humidity Range

0 to 90% Relative Humidity.


245 g (8.6 oz.).


152.4 x 107.9 (at its widest point) x 22.2 mm (6 x 4.2 x .87 in.)


1 year limited warranty.


Operation Manuals (PDF) English | HTML5 Version (Bing Translator Available) | Quick Specs | All Pen Dosimeter Charger FAQs | Quick Start Video Guide |

Frequently Asked Questions about The Pen Dosimeter Charger

Does the Charger require batteries?

No. It runs on piezo electric charges.

When charging a dosimeter, it discharges too quickly without holding the discharge button.

Clean the contacts on the Charger with a can of air or alcohol. Dust in the contacts can cause the dosimeter to discharge.

Accessories / None Available


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