Leak Testing and X-ray Screening

GM Detectors

Radiation Alert Ranger®    

GM detectors such as the Radiation Alert® Ranger, Ranger EXP, Monitor 200, Monitor 4 and 4EC, and Sentry EC are used for detecting leaks from sealed sources and x-ray devices including: industrial gauges, such as moisture, density, or level gauges containing Cesium-137 and x-ray cabinets.

M200M4    sentry EC



                Monitor 200                      Monitor 4/4EC      Sentry EC

Some common applications that employ a GM detector include:

Radiographic Testing: GM detectors can be used for radiation safety assessments in radiographic testing, which involves the use of x-rays or gamma rays for inspecting the internal structure of materials.  GM detectors are commonly used to ensure radiation kevels are within safe levels for personnel.

Leak Testing: GM detectors are used for testing sealed radiation sources and radiographic devices. GM detectors can help in determining unintended radiation leaks from equipment insuring the safety of personnel as well as regulatory requirements.

Industrial Radiography: GM detectors are used for safety and monitoring during the exposure of x-ray films to protect workers from excessive radiation levels during radiographic exams.

X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Testing: GM detectors may be used for monitoring radiation levels in XRR applications. GM detectors can provide an indication of ionizing radiation.

Nuclear Gauges: GM detectors are used to detect devices where sealed sourced are used.  GM detectors are used for general monitoring is these applications.

Some common applications that employ a scintillation detectors.


A scintillation detectors, such as the Radiation Alert® GammaView are commonly used in various applications involving the NDT Market. They offer excellent resolution and the ability to discriminate between different types of radiation. 

Gamma Radiography: Scintillation detectors are used in gamma radiography to measure and analyze gamma rays emitted from radioactive sources. They provide detailed information about the energy levels and characteristics of the radiation being detected.

X-ray Inspection: Scintillation detectors can detect X-rays emitted from x-ray tubes. They are particularly useful in applications where energy discrimination is important.

Nuclear Gauges: scintillation detectors are used to detect devices where sealed sourced are used.  Scintillation  detectors provide an accurate measurement of these sources.

Waste Characterization: Scintillation detectors are used to monitor radioactive waste.  They measure and analyze radiation levels, ensuring waste is handled and disposed of properly.