WIpe Testing


Radiation Alert Ranger® 

A Geiger-Muller (GM) detector is commonly used to measure ionizing radiation. Swipe tests with a Geiger-Muller detector can be applied in various situations to detect the presence of radioactive materials.

  1. Nuclear Facilities and Research Centers: Regularly check surfaces, equipment, and areas within nuclear facilities to ensure that radioactive materials are properly contained and do not pose a risk to workers or the environment.

    Radiation Safety and Emergency Response: Conduct swipe tests on surfaces in the event of a suspected radioactive spill or contamination

    Border Security and Customs: Use swipe tests on containers, vehicles, and goods at border crossings and customs checkpoints to detect the transport of radioactive materials.

    Industrial Radiography: Monitor surfaces and equipment used in industrial radiography to ensure that radioactive sources are properly handled.

    Hazardous Waste Management: Screen surfaces and materials associated with radioactive waste to ensure that containment measures are effective.

    Environmental Monitoring: Assess outdoor surfaces and areas near nuclear power plants, research facilities, or other sites where radioactive materials are used.

    Radiation Decontamination Efforts: Use swipe tests to verify the effectiveness of decontamination procedures.

    Healthcare Facilities: Check surfaces and equipment in medical facilities that use radioactive materials.