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Since 1979 RADIATION ALERT® instruments have proven ideal for a wide range of applications. As the manufacturer of our products, we have engineered them to be reliable, simple to use and understand, and affordably priced. We’re dedicated to our customers and promise to help you find the appropriate instrument for your needs. Our continuing development reflects our commitment to meet the ever-increasing and changing needs of first response, industrial, governmental, educational, medical, and environmental markets. All Radiation Alert® products are shipped promptly and supported by comprehensive customer and technical service. All our instruments, both warranty and non-warranty, can be repaired and calibrated by our in-house technicians.


U.S. Commerce Deputy Director Carlos Poza Honors Local Woman-Owned Business With Export Achievement Award Carlos Poza, Deputy Director General of the U.S. Commerce Department’s Commercial Service today presented S.E. International, Inc., of Summertown, Tennessee, with the Department’s Export Achievement Certificate. The award recognizes companies who are business clients of the Department’s Commercial Service and have benefited from its services to make their first export sale or open new foreign markets. S.E. International is the first Tennessee company to be honored through this special recognition.

”Most of the jobs in America are created by small businesses,” Poza said, ”Small and medium-sized companies like S.E. International comprise almost 97 percent of U.S. exporters.” – Sept, 2002

S.E. International, Inc. is a small, woman-owned manufacturer of radiation detection equipment for use in industrial, governmental, educational, medical, and environmental markets. A long standing client of the Department’s U.S. Export Assistance Center in Nashville, the firm has benefited from export counseling, seminars, and targeted assistance with international business plans as part of their ongoing export success to countries in Asia, Europe, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. During the current year, S.E. International has made new initial sales to firms in Kyrgistan, Latvia, Paraguay, and Sweden as a result of assistance rendered by Commerce’s Nashville office. With its continuing global success, S.E. International has quadrupled the number of employees and more than doubled the size of their facility since 1984.

“These export services have been important in our efforts to expand international sales,” said S.E. International President Susan Skinner. “As a small company, we don’t have the resources to go it alone. Tapping into the U.S. Commerce Department’s worldwide Commercial Service assistance network has enabled us to maximize our export potential at minimal cost.”

The manufacture of ionizing radiation detectors includes a component called a Geiger-Mueller tube, which actually detects the radiation. S.E. International purchases this component from a supplier company, LND, Inc., located in Oceanside, NY. Some of the tubes are packaged and shipped in ½ gallon and 1-quart steel paint cans. For many years, S.E. International recycled these cans as a means of saving natural resources and reducing solid waste. Although the general public often views recycling as a good method of waste reduction, there is significant air pollution inherent in the recycling process. Some of it is produced off-site due to large amounts of energy required by the recycling process. Air emissions on-site come from the recycling process itself. Steve Skinner, Product Development Engineer, knew that re-use of the cans would be preferable to recycling. He reported that he tried for years to get the supplier to take back the cans because they are in perfect condition even after shipment. S.E. International had already initiated other waste reduction measures in their shipping department, such as re-use of cardboard boxes; re-use of paper, magazines, catalogs, and junk mail through shredding for packing material; and re-use of packing peanuts. Our success over a year ago, S.E. International was able to get agreement from the supplier to take back the empty cans for re-use. In 2001, over one thousand cans were returned to the supplier for shipment of Geiger-Mueller tubes, saving the tube manufacturer about $2000 in purchasing costs for new cans. The Pollution Prevented In 2001, the return of cans to the supplier resulted in the re-use of 290 pounds of steel. S.E. International has seen an unprecedented increase in radiation detector orders since the terrorist attacks on the U.S. It is projected that in 2002, 1725 cans will be returned, resulting in the re-use of 485 pounds of steel and a savings of $4075 for the tube manufacturer. A secondary but equally important benefit of this re-use project was prevention of the air pollution associated with the prior method of recycling the steel. S.E. INTERNATIONAL, INC. was selected as one of the Top 50 Diversity owned businesses in the State of Tennessee. With over 9 million Diversity owned businesses nationwide, this is quite an honor.

The Department of Environment and Conservation’s Office of Environmental Assistance has announced a series of regional Tennessee Pollution Prevention Partnership workshops this fall, designed to give businesses across the state an opportunity to share best practices and innovative ideas for improving profitability and reducing pollution.

The Tennessee Pollution Prevention Partnership is an environmental recognition program operated by the Department of Environment and Conservation to reward top environmental performance. TP3 members include households, schools, government agencies, organizations, businesses and industries that lead the way to environmental excellence by managing environmental responsibilities, reducing and preventing pollution and being good environmental citizens. 1-800-734-3619 | http://www.state.tn.us/environment/ea/tp3/

The Member S.E. International, Inc. is a small industry that has been a manufacturer and seller of ionizing radiation detectors since 1979. S.E. International has been dedicated to having a low impact on the environment since its beginnings and continues to look for opportunities to reduce waste, save natural resources, and prevent pollution. S.E. International, inc. is also a proud affiliate of the Health Physics Society.

The National Association of Government Contractors is an advocate for policies that benefit America’s business community in the government procurement process. NAGC provides programs and events that increase business opportunities for member companies.