Radiation Dosimeters & Exposure Rate Meters

Radiation Alert® dosimeters by S.E. International, Inc. help protect your personnel from the potential dangers of ionizing radiation. Our line of dosimeters and exposure rate meters are available in digital and analog solutions. Digital units feature vibration and audible alerts, internal memory, and free software offer reach back capabilities. Analog pen dosimeters afford a power free alternative for tracking the radiation dose of your people.

Download your exposure data for reach back. Protect your most valuable assets with a complete suite of radiation dosimeter products for reliable, accurate environmental or personal radiation monitoring. With decades of experience in bringing modern enhancements to radiation detection technology, S.E. International, Inc. offers rugged, comprehensive dosimetry solutions to effectively record and share dose and exposure information on the job. Choose from a variety of dosimeters and exposure rate meters for occupational safety for industrial, energy, first responder and personal use.