The Radiation Decon Response Kit

The Radiation Decon Response Kit is configured for monitoring and identifying radiological contamination on persons and objects following an incident.  The Radiation Frisker and RAD-60s combine mass screening with personal protection.

Radiation Frisker
Frisking people and/or objects for contamination can be an all thumbs tangle of cables. The Radiation Alert® Frisker is an ergonomic contamination instrument that offers a cable-less alternative to the “lunch box”. The optimized configuration incorporates a GM pancake probe, audio, and large backlit LCD display into one instrument, making the job of detecting contamination. Operation is kept extremely simple with two buttons, conveniently located on the face of the unit below the display. The Radiation Frisker will run for upwards of 1000 hours of use with just two standard “AA” batteries. This instrument is designed with an ergonomic textured grip and includes an adjustable lanyard for additional security.

Rados RAD60

The easy to use RAD-60 is a Digital Pocket Alarm Stand Alone Dosimeter designed for use emergency responders who may be exposed to gamma and X-ray radiation. The RAD-60 is microprocessor controlled, provides programmable dose rate and dose alarms, and is operated using the display and push button. The three-digit display shows dose, rate and various messages. The display and sound signal are used to indicate alarms (dose, rate, low battery, defect, dose/dose rate overflow).