• Custom Scintillation Probes

    Custom scintillation probes built to order by S.E. International, Inc.. We'll help you find the right probe for your application. Nal(Tl) (Standard), BGO, Cs(Tl), Cs(Na), or TSO in different sizes.

Custom Scintillation Probes / 2 x 2 Probes and Larger for your application

CDV700 Replacement Probe

SE International can help you find just the right probe for your application. Typically, crystals are grown to order once we find the right one for your needs. Below are the specifications for the most common detector that we offer in this variety.

Crystal Size

2 inches X 2 Inches


Nal(Tl) Standard. Optional Extra: BGO, Cs(Tl) or (Na), TSO. Contact for more info.


2" diameter magnetically shielded

Entrance Window

Aluminum 219 mG/cm2


2% at 8KeV, 17% at 14.4KeV, and 94% at 60KeV

Energy Range

60 KeV ~ 2 MeV


Typically 90,000 cpm/µSv/h (Cs137)

Operating Voltage

500V - 1200V


C-Connector standard with user specified option for SHV or MHV

Dynode String Resistance

> 100 Megaohms


1 Year Limited


Accessories / None

Review /


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