• NORM Student Kit

    Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials so low level that no materials license is required.

NORM Student Kit / No radioactive materials license is required

Student NORM  KitDescription of Materials / The six samples in our NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material) Student Kit contain tiny quantities of radioactive material obtainable commercially by anyone who wants to purchase them. No radioactive material license is required to possess or transport them. The quantities are individually and collectively well below the IATA Activity Limit for an Exempt Consignment (from IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Table 10.3.A) and U.S. Department of Transportation regulations 49 CFR 173.436). No shipping label of any kind is required, no Declaration for Dangerous Goods, and no packaging requirements are specified. These materials are exempt from all international and United States shipping requirements.

Name Description Quantity IATA Exempt Quality
Uranyl Acetate Green solid. A few grams of a non-hazardous uranium-based chemical. ~10 Bq 1,000 Bq
(0.027 µCi, 6E+4 dpm)
Potassium Chloride Off-white solid. Low-sodium salt, purchased at a grocery store. ~10 Bq 1,000,000 Bq
(27 µCi, 6E+7 dpm)
Uranium Ore Brown sandy material.  Low-grade uranium ore. ~20 Bq 1,000 Bq
(0.027 µCi, 6E+4 dpm)
Thorium Oxide Thin metal rods. Pieces of commercially available welding rods that contain 2% thorium. ~10 Bq 1,000 Bq
(0.027 µCi, 6E+4 dpm)
Uranium Glass marble that contains a small amount of uranium. ~12 Bq 1,000 Bq
(0.027 µCi, 6E+4 dpm)
Thorium Small piece of a gas-lantern mantle. ~20 Bq 1,000 Bq
(0.027 µCi, 6E+4 dpm)