Analog Radiation Detector Comparison

Posted on April 28, 2018

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A number of radiation industry professionals still prefer analog radiation detectors even today.  Here at SEI, we ditched the lunch box design common in a number of analog meters for something a little smaller. The following radiation detector comparison will help you nail down the right analog Geiger counter for your needs.

Our Monitor 4 is a “hot dog tube” based Geiger Counter. Of the three versions listed, this model had been in production the longest. What started as a small brown square case that established it as an industry standard, has now become a much more ergonomic design with all the same features customers have come to love.

Some customers need the Monitor 4EC, which is the energy compensated alternative with the same operating range. The energy compensated GM tube gives a better linear response for gamma and x-rays (above 40 keV) while using the sidewall of the detector instead of the end window.

If you’re in need of a  higher operating range, such as 1000 mR/hr, then the energy compensated MC1K is reporting for duty. Both EC (energy compensated) are ideal for applications requiring a linear response to gamma and X-rays. The rest of the specification comparisons are rounded out in the table below.


Monitor 4

Monitor 4EC


 a ß y x


(y x only)

Energy       Compensated





0 to 50

0  to 1000

Counts Per Minute

0  to 50,000



0  to 500 (Optional Meters Scale)




.001 to 10


Analog Radiation Detector Energy Response Graphs

Please, feel free to contact us if you need assistance finding the right detector for the situation at hand.



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